12 beginner cyclist tips to get new riders off to the best start

cycling tips for beginner

If you are a new rider or know someone who is, here are all the tips we would like to receive when we used the bike for the first time.

Due to the current coronary heart attack, people have to stay at home when they don’t travel a lot. Recreational sports are allowed during the day, including cycling. When you start pedalling like this or come back after a long break, we will help you with all the information you need.

Everyone you see on a bike was a beginner. Either when they were three and rode their bikes without pedals or when they were over 40 and rented a hybrid.

Of course, you will encounter a lot of problems and pitfalls in the first year of cycling. Even those who have been travelling for a decade somcounsellor’s bored.

We couldn’t give you a complete answer to every counsellor’s question – without it being an inconceivable, biblical, somehow useless resource in the end. Instead, we started with our basic tips and links to related articles.

More tips to start pedalling

1) Buy a bike from a local shop

Bike shops can now stay open because they are z. Doctors and nurses come to work. Many of them work differently – you may not see the bikes in the store, but you can still pick up the phone, ask for advice, and take a ride to the store.

Your local bike dealer can make sure the bike is right for you, help you get started, offer you a six-month free service, and answer any questions you may have.

The experience and guidance will save you money in the long run, and local bike dealers now need your help.

Not sure which style of bike you want? In short, the endurance road bike is suitable for most beginners. An off-road, adventure or gravel bike may be right for you if you’re going off-road, and a hybrid bike may be an option if desires fall short.

2) feel good on the bike

Many professional cyclists who have been on the road for years still adjust the shape of their bikes – in terms of performance, for some riders cycling is an endless adjustment process based on individual factors and goals.

However, some basic guidelines can be applied to any driver who wants to drive comfortably and avoid injury.

For the best saddle height, place your heels on the furthest foot. The leg should be straight so that it bends slightly as you walk. You also need to bend your elbows slightly – you know the grip is straight when the front wheel disappears from the hub if you look under the steering wheel while driving.

3) Find out how to fix a broken tire

I still remember my first base broken. I was travelling between Hollingbury and Ditchling Beacon with a small backpack with a crumpled tea bag, a hood and a bottle of water. Even though I had a hose, a pump and a connector, I didn’t know what to do with them.

There is no good reason for a bike to get stuck with a slow tire in the middle of an empty tire and there is no way to fix it.

If you don’t know how to fix a broken tire, ask someone at a bike shop, friend, or online to teach you. So practice at home until it’s easy.

4) Invest in a specific property, plant and equipment

Cycling appears to be a rather expensive pastime. And you can, but you don’t have to. You don’t need to spray an actor-compatible Power Rangers wardrobe to feel comfortable. We invite you to invest in:

5) Become a cycling club, even if you don’t drive Zwift temporarily!

All group tours are currently passive, so don’t use the lessons yourself. However, most cycling clubs have active WhatsApp chats and other online communication methods and are always happy to welcome new members. They can even serve you on your Zwift group trip.

6) Sooner or later you can do it without scissors

The first simplified trap of how to connect stops to an electrical outlet is much easier to overcome. Practice slowly on the lawn or lean against an interior wall.

In today’s climate, of course, you have to be very careful and stay on soft surfaces until you can step on them safely.

7) No complaints in the saddle

Saddle discomfort is very common, so there are different saddle styles and designs, so listen to your body, find out what the problem is, and find a dealer who offers a sample service to save you. Mono. Save on failed solutions.

Wearing padded shorts (not underwear!) And chamomile foam will also help, but the right saddle is key.

8) The equipment helps you

Don’t fight with them. Shift to a lower gear and a larger rear cassette wheel for easier switching over the blades. Use higher and lower gears to pedal faster and move faster on the surface.

Spend time practising on a flat track – over time it’s natural to shift gears.

9) be careful on the road

Drive approximately one meter from the edge of the road – this gives you space to avoid obstacles (potholes) and encourages other road users to leave more space while driving.

Follow the rules of the road and instructions issued by Bikeability – especially at intersections, roundabouts and other places where other road users cannot safely pass, take the main site (middle of the lane).

10) Practice some basic techniques

You don’t need to start from scratch to get to the slopes quickly. However, some basic skills will help you feel more confident.

Keep in mind that the front brakes will stop you much more efficiently, so get used to pulling them slightly to the side of the rear wheel rather than grabbing a handful of handles.

11) Eat and drink while driving

If you like other sports, like running or swimming, the idea of ​​eating can be a little weird. But sometimes cyclists go out for a few hours.

If you are driving more than 90 minutes, eat like. Granola bars and try to eat something every hour. Cyclists usually carry water in a bottle attached to a bottle. Throwing a bottle on foot while drinking is helpful, but worth it.

12) don’t do it too soon

Cycling is cheap – this, among many other equally important benefits, means it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on your joints and is a good option if you want to exercise and lose weight.

However, if you do it too soon or overdo it, you may feel tired, hurt, or just plain tired.


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