Best and Worst Clothes for Summer Season

Best and Worst Clothes for Summer Season

Summer is a month when you are exposed to scorching heat. This can lead to dehydration, profuse sweating, and even heat rashes. But you can get rid of these problems by wearing the right kind of clothes.

Thus, it’s time to rock the summer fashion by choosing the best summer outfits! Let’s discuss in detail the clothes that you must opt for this summer season.

What Clothes should I wear in Summer?

It is advised to wear light and loose clothes in summer since it enables your blood to circulate freely. The clothing choices that are ideal for the month of summer are loose pants or long skirts with light-colored tops.

From cotton to silk to linen, let’s take a look at the fabrics that you must choose for summer.

  • Cotton

Cotton is a natural fiber that enables air to circulate freely through the fabric. It also allows moisture to absorb easily so that you can cool down briskly. Hence, it’s time that you hoard a lot of cotton products like pretty summer dresses, tops, and pants in your wardrobe. But do choose lighter cotton clothes before heading out so that you can prevent pit marks

Where to wear?

Cotton is the ideal clothing option for humid climates but you can wear it in other seasons too. It is one of the widely worn fabrics.

Benefits of wearing cotton clothes

Cotton clothes are comfortable to wear since its natural fiber allows air to move freely throughout the body.

Cotton clothes also come in different colors and styles.

Stylist Tip

Rock your summer wear by pairing light cotton chinos with a cotton shirt/top.

  • Linen

Linen is a loosely woven natural fabric that allows heat to escape your body swiftly and keeps you cool throughout. Nowadays, you can purchase clothes that are made up of linen as well as cotton, and makes it cheaper. However, linen clothes tend to crumple easily and this is the only thing you need to be aware of.

Where to wear?

You can wear linen clothes anywhere! These clothes will give you a relaxed vibe whenever you wear it.

Benefits of wearing linen clothes

Linen fabrics are said to be one of the oldest in the world. Linen clothes are malleable and do not stick to your body.

Stylist Tip

Pair a linen crop top with a linen skirts/pants. Wearing sunglasses with these clothes will complement your look!

  • Silk

Silk clothes are one of the renowned choices of the summer season. Silk clothes are very lightweight and thin that helps in keeping you cool. It comes in vibrant colors and is beautiful to look at! However, it is not as absorbent as cotton or linen clothes. Hence, it is recommended that you wear loose-fitting silk clothes during summer.

Where to wear?

Not only can you wear silk clothes in summer but you can also wear it during winter. It is one of the insulating natural fibers that keep you warm and comfortable throughout.

Benefits of wearing silk clothes

Silk clothes are strong and are long-lasting. These clothes have the potential to absorb 10% to 30% moisture which makes it a moderately breathable fabric. Silk clothes also give you a classy appearance and feel.

Stylist Tip

Pair a maxi silk dress with a scarf and rock this summer season!

  • Chambray

Chambray is a plain weave natural fabric that is made from cotton. It has a colored warp and a white weft. Chambray is lightweight and a piece of soft fabric. These fabrics can absorb most of the heat and prevents sweating.

Where to wear?

Since chambray is made up of cotton and will keep you cool in the summer season. You can wear chambray clothes at your workplace or during any informal occasion.

Benefits of wearing chambray clothes

Chambray clothes have higher thread counts that make it a finer weave as well as a breathable fabric. These clothes not only make you comfortable when you wear it but also gives you a stylish appearance.

Stylist Tip

Pair a chambray dress with a cool hat and rock the summer season!

  • Jersey

Jersey is a form of a knit fabric that is made up of wool. At present, you can find the jersey clothes are being made using cotton, cotton blends, and synthetic fibers. Cotton jersey and cotton blends are good summer outfits for regular use since cotton is an absorbent fiber.

Where to wear?

Jersey is a soft and stretchy fabric. Hence, it provides great comfort and is good for practical use. You can wear it anywhere!

Benefits of wearing Jersey clothes

Most team uniforms and sweatshirts are made up of jersey fabric. Hence, jersey fabric a good option for materials that need movement.

Stylist Tip

Pair a jersey tank top with hot pants this summer. Wearing a necklace pendant with it will complement your look!

  • Seersucker

Seersucker is a stripy gathered fabric where the texture of two stripes is different. While one stripe is smooth, the other one is coarse. This unique effect was produced using alternating silk and cotton warps. Since it is made up of cotton, it is a breathable fabric and allows air to move freely.

Where to wear?

Clothes made of seersucker fabric are lightweight and durable. They are an ideal option for hot and sunny days. You can wear them during a garden party, outdoor weddings, or while a daytime stroll in the park.

Benefits of wearing Seersucker clothes

Seersucker clothes is a lightly puckered fabric and versatile. Hence, it is comfortable to wear these clothes during the summer season as it will keep you cool.

Stylist Tip

Wear a seersucker dress shirt with a boat shoe this summer season and increase your style quotient!

  • Khadi

Khadi is a handwoven fabric that can be made up of cotton, wool, or silk. Khadi materials are extremely durable and last for a long time. These clothes are weaved by hand and have a very unique style and finish.

Where to wear?

You can wear khadi products on occasions like weddings or anniversaries. They can be worn in any season. Khadi items give you a unique look and enable you to stand out among a group of people.

Benefits of wearing Khadi clothes

Khadi wears are better than synthetic wears. It does not cause any allergies or itchiness and hence termed as a ‘body-friendly fabric’. Since Khadi is made up of cotton, it allows air to permeate freely and thus makes it comfortable wear during the summer season.

Stylist Tip

Wear a khadi kurta or saree and complement it with a pair of jhumka earrings.

  • Viscose

Viscose is a semi-synthetic fabric. This type of fabric is made up of cellulose that comes from wood pulp. It is mostly used as a substitute for cotton and is affordable. However, Viscose is not an environment-friendly fabric.

Where to wear?

Viscose clothes can be worn anywhere! It is ideal for those people who want a luxurious look at a cheaper price.

Benefits of wearing Viscose clothes

Viscose fabrics are similar to cotton. It is a breathable fabric and thus allows free air circulation throughout the fabric.

Stylist Tip

Wear a viscose maxi dress or a jumpsuit and complement your look with a bracelet!

  • Chanderi

Chanderi is a traditional ethnic fabric that is well-known for its sheer texture, lightweight nature, and luxurious feel. The name Chanderi came from the small town Chanderi that is located in Madhya Pradesh. It is produced by weaving fine-textured silk and golden Zari in a traditional cotton yarn.

Where to wear?

Chanderi clothes can be worn in any occasions like in weddings or puja ceremonies, and are available at affordable rates. These clothes are comfortable to wear and can be worn in any season.

Benefits of wearing Chanderi clothes

Chanderi clothes are lightweight and give one a royal look whenever they wear it. It is also comfortable for wearing since it is made up of cotton which allows air to circulate easily throughout the body.

Stylist Tip

You can wear Chanderi lehenga and give your look a royal touch by pairing it with a Maang Tikka.

  • Flowy Fabrics

Flowy fabrics such as light chiffons are very lightweight and offer breathability to the wearer. These fabrics are not only easy to wear but also demand low maintenance.

Where to wear?

You can wear flowy fabrics during the summer season as it gives you a soothing and relaxed vibe. Flowy fabrics are visually appealing and you can wear them during any outdoor activities or casual events.

Benefits of wearing Flowy Fabrics

Since these fabrics are breathable, they do not restrict your movements and gives you comfort. Flowy fabrics naturally adjust to your body temperature and thus is a good option for breezy summer wear.

Stylist Tip

It’s time to rock the summer fashion 2020 by wearing a chiffon gown and pairing it with a gorgeous handbag

What Clothes not to wear in Summer?

During the summer season, you must not wear any outfit that is transparent. Do not wear summer outfits that are short and sleeveless. Short and sleeveless clothes expose you to harmful UV rays and you might develop heat rashes on your body. You also must avoid a few fabrics during the summer season.

From polyester to rayon to leather, let’s take a look at the fabrics that you must not opt for in summer.

  • Polyester

Polyester fabric is extremely durable and water-resistant. Owing to its water-resistant feature, it traps sweat and becomes a terrific option for those persons who are sweaty. Although the polyester fabric is affordable and remains wrinkle-free throughout its use, it is better to avoid these clothes to avoid uncomfortable sweat patches. Moreover, stains from polyester clothes are difficult to remove.

  • Rayon

Rayon is a man-made fabric that is made up of cotton, wood pulp, and other synthetic fibers. Like polyester, it repels water rather than absorbing it. Thus, it can be uncomfortable for those individuals who suffer from sweat patches since the areas of dampness will be visible on your clothes. Moreover, rayon fabrics tend to change shape and shrink when they’re cleaned.

  • Denim

Denim is extremely durable and a heavyweight fabric. Owing to its heavyweight feature, it is neither breathable nor stretchy. Thus, denim is not a good option for a summer outfit since it leads to profuse sweating!

  • Fleece

Fleece is an insulating fabric and is a good option for the winter season since it keeps you warm and cozy. But it is not an option for you in the summer season. Since fleece is derived from polyester, it has similar properties like the polyester fabric. Fleece has similar issues like trapping moisture and preventing natural ventilation.

  • Leather

Leather is made up of animal hides like cows, sheep, goats, and so on. Thus, the leather fabric is not environment friendly and is unethical to use. Since it is a thick fabric, it is a good option for the winter season as it keeps you warm and comfortable. But it is not a breathable fabric and thus not a viable option for the summer season. Also, leather fabrics are very expensive.

  • Nylon

Since nylon is a synthetic product, it is not breathable. Owing to its resistance to abrasion and fast-drying abilities, it can be used in athletic clothes. However, nylon fabric has been specifically designed to repel water and its absorption level is also low. Thus, nylon clothing traps heat and leads to profuse sweating. So, you better not opt for nylon outfits in the month of summer.

  • Acrylic

The acrylic fabric has similar features like nylon. It is derived from synthetic fibers and is often hot and abrasive. Although acrylic fibers have high moisture-wicking abilities and are very stretchy, it is one of the worst breathable fabrics since it contains materials like synthetic polyacrylonitrile polymer.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl is derived from synthetic fibers and is waterproof. Vinyl fabrics are perfect for upholstery items but are not a good option for summer outfits because it traps heat and leads to excessive sweating.

  • Blended Fabrics

Blended fabrics can be defined as a combination of two or more fibers that are spun together. Some of the most popular blended fabrics at present are terry cotton, terry wool, polyester viscose, etc. Fabrics are blended so that they become better in appearance, feel, and durability. However, fabrics those which are not blended perfectly can have poor characteristics like lower absorption level and low natural ventilation. Thus, blended fabrics are not a good option for summer outfits.

  • Georgette

 Georgette is a strong fabric and can last for a long time. But it is mostly made up of synthetic filaments and thus retains its properties. Georgette fabric has similar issues like trapping moisture and also reduces natural ventilation that leads to increased sweating.


Now, you have a clear idea about the best and worst summer outfits. It is recommended that during the summer season, you must opt for fabrics that are breathable and absorbs moisture. Thus, rock the summer fashion trends of 2020 by choosing breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, khadi, and so on.

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