The Top 10 Body Parts Women Get Tattoos On

Body Parts Women Get Tattoos On

Tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among women, and they’re certainly more common than they used to be. They’re great because you can get them on almost any part of your body, although some places are better than others for tattooing your skin. Find out the top 10 body parts women get tattoos on here!

1. Back

You might be surprised to learn that nearly 30% of all tattoos on women are located on their backs, an area people typically avoid due to its visibility. However, if you want a unique and less-visible tattoo, choosing your back as a location is definitely a good call. Though it may seem like women only get tattoos on their backs for aesthetic reasons (and they absolutely do), there’s another big reason: A giant tattoo will cost less than multiple small ones. For example, let’s say you love butterflies and want to fill your entire back with them; that will likely cost $10 per butterfly, or around $2,000 total.

2. Arm

The second most popular place for women to get tattoos is on their arms. This makes sense because there are plenty of areas to choose from in order to fit a tattoo in with a girl’s everyday wardrobe. If you have a smaller tattoo, wearing a tank top or sleeveless dress will ensure that your ink is always visible and still looks great. Alternatively, you can show off your arm tattoo by wearing a watch or bracelet over it. It’s also smart to put some thought into your arm tattoo’s meaning before getting it—it’ll be there forever! In recent years, several female celebrities have been inked up from head-to-toe including Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

3. Feet

Perhaps you have a favorite lyric or song that reminds you of a loved one. If so, why not get it permanently inscribed on your foot? Cool tattoos for girls with meaning are cool tattoos, period. In fact, experts say more and more women are getting body parts inked as a way to make them more significant – whether they’re commemorating lost loved ones or paying tribute to a specific trait they want to celebrate about themselves. Wearing a tattoo of a loved one may seem like overkill, but it can be truly meaningful – especially if you’re not likely to display pictures of that person around your home.

4. Hands

Finger tattoos are popular because they can be placed on any finger, including your thumbs. If you choose to get a tattoo on your thumb, make sure it is something subtle so that you don’t draw too much attention to it. If you place your hand on a table, then nobody will notice that there is anything on your thumb at all! You also have five other fingers that are good choices for body art. If someone notices your wrist tattoo, most people will assume it’s an infinity symbol or bracelet since people generally aren’t likely to check out what is inside of another person’s jewelry. There are many different designs for fingernail tattoos as well, making them even more popular than wrists and hands.

5. Leg

Leg tattoos have a special allure for women. Not only are they fun to show off in a bathing suit, but they’re also easy to cover up when needed—like when a woman wears a skirt to an office that requires knee-length slacks. Many of today’s hottest tattoo trends focus on decorating bodies with decorative patterns or designs, and leg tattoos are no exception. Getting a body part tattoo on your legs is definitely more noticeable than getting one elsewhere on your body, but it can be done tastefully and still make a lasting impression. A pair of angel wings going down both of your thighs is sure to get you noticed!

6. Neck

This body part has been done by a lot of women. The neck is a good place to have your tattoo because it can be hidden, but if you want your tattoo seen, there is nothing better. Many celebrities have gotten tattoos on their necks including Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. Neck tattoos are also usually small so they are easier to take care of. Smaller tattoos are usually cheaper as well so if you are on a budget having your tattoo on your neck is a great idea!

7. Shoulder Blade

Although less common than other tattooed body parts, women often get them on their shoulder blades. If your job requires you to wear a short-sleeved shirt often, then it’s okay to get one. It’s also okay to get one if you can handle having random people see it on your skin whenever you lift up your arms. Getting one is good especially if you want people to notice it.

8. Thigh

By far, one of the most popular areas for women to get tattoos. Because you don’t have to take your pants off to show it off, it’s a great option if you want to get inked and still be somewhat covered up. Another reason why so many women get tattoos on their thighs is that they can be placed in a location that makes them easy to hide when needed—such as an office job. To make sure your ink stands out though, try going with a brightly colored tattoo or a design with a strong line art aspect to it—like a geometric pattern. There are thousands of different designs available for you here, from classic alphabets or numbers, floral patterns or abstract shapes.

9. Waist

Next to arms, your waist is one of your body’s most common spots for a tattoo. Many women feel that their torso or waist area is one of their best assets and want to highlight it by getting a tattoo on their waist. A commonplace to get a waist tattoo is right in between your hipbones right above your bikini line. This looks good as it highlights how curvy a woman’s body can be while still being feminine and sexy. The other option for a good-looking tattoo would be on either side of her belly button at an angle going down towards her hipbone. This puts emphasis on a woman’s natural hourglass figure without making it look vulgar or trashy.

10. Wrist

The wrist is an unusual spot for a tattoo, but it looks great if you choose something that coordinates with other tattoos on your body. It’s also surprisingly easy to hide, so it’s ideal for someone who wants a tattoo but doesn’t want to deal with questions from co-workers or family members. Plus, there are plenty of small designs that look amazing on your wrist—this one gets an A+ because of its elegant simplicity. We give it an A+.

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