Fashionable Gift Watches for Boyfriend

Fashionable Gift Watches for Boyfriend

These days smartphones and smartwatches have become so convenient that people don’t wear normal wristwatches. But does that mean you should not gift a fashionable watch to your boyfriend? The answer is yes you can! This is because wristwatches are the most convenient and meaningful gift that you can gift to your boyfriend. Watches are not only extremely functional but also offer several helpful functions that can enhance your daily life.

Why Shall One Wear a Wristwatch?

  • Watches reflect style and confidence. It gives one the ability to express their personality and sense of style.
  • Another reason why someone wears a wrist watch is because of the simplicity it offers to the wearer. When you are wearing a watch, you don’t have to take out your phone from your pocket to check the time.
  • A watch can also be worn as an accessory. A stylish watch can enhance your appearance and also match with the clothes you are wearing.
  • Watches are functional. There are different types of watches for different uses. For example, some watches are specifically designed diving, racing, and flying. You can also wear a wristwatch that has moon phase functions (displays the lunar phase) or a watch that functions as a stopwatch.
  • Wrist watches help in developing relationships between people. If someone asks you what time of the day it is, it will look classy and pleasing if you look at your wrist watch to inform them the time rather than taking out the phone from the pocket.

Different Types of Watches that you can gift your Boyfriend

  1. Automatic Watch

This is a type of watch that is powered by the natural motion of the wearer’s wrist. These type of watches stays active as long as the wearer is and they do no need winding if it is worn daily. However, this type of wristwatches is a bit expensive since it lasts longer than a normal watch.

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  1. Smart Watch

A smartwatch is a good option if your boyfriend loves gadgets. Smartwatches are like smartphones that have a touchscreen and different apps. Your boyfriend can receive calls, respond to notifications, track fitness from the smartwatches without taking his smartphone out of the pocket.

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  1. Luxury Watch

Quality is one of the key highlights of luxury watches. These watches are mostly embedded with precious gemstones and other costly items. A new luxury watch is a vital element of your boyfriend’s style on every occasion. Hence, you can gift a luxury watch to your boyfriend if he likes handcrafted materials in a watch.

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  1. Sports Watch

If your boyfriend is someone who likes to engage in outdoor activities such as sports or swimming, then gift him a sports watch. These watches come in different colors and styles and can match any look of your boyfriend.

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  1. Dress Watch

Dress watch is a kind of a watch that can be an ideal gift for your boyfriend in case he wants to make a style statement on formal occasions. Examples of formal occasions include job interviews, office, parties, or big meetings. Dress watches are thin, flexible, and are made up of leather. It looks elegant on your man and is sure to leave a good impression on his colleagues or clients.

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  1. Vintage Watch

If your boyfriend appreciates antique items, then you can gift him a vintage watch. Vintage watches are rare and one of the most sought-after items. This is because these watches are between 30-100 years old and thus can be considered a healthy asset. Vintage watches are gorgeous and are often encased with precious items.

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  1. Fitness Watch

Is your boyfriend a fitness freak? Then what are you waiting for? Gift him a fitness watch! Fitness watches can track his health goals. These watches come with rubber bands and digital screens and are ideal for fitness buffs.

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  1. Casual Watch

If you are on a tight budget then you can give your boyfriend a casual watch. These watches are affordable and come in different styles as well as features.

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  1. Skeleton Watch

Skeleton Watch can be a fashionable gift for your boyfriend. The dial of these watches reveals all the inner workings either at the front or the back of the watch. If your man wants to flaunt unique items, then this is an ideal wristwatch for him.

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  1. Pocket Watch

These watches are designed in such a way so that it can be carried in a pocket. Pocket watches are usually tied with a chain so that it does not fall anywhere. These watches are sure to become a style statement in any place if your boyfriend attaches this watch on a waistcoat or a belt loop.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting a Watch

Some things that you should keep in mind while choosing a watch are listed below:

  • Firstly, you must consider the materials the watch is made up of. Watches made up of gold, silver, or platinum are expensive and long-lasting, whereas watches made up aluminum and plastic are affordable but do not last long.
  • Secondly, you must consider why are buying it. Is it because your boyfriend can wear it daily or only on formal occasions?
  • If your boyfriend is a person who frequently washes their hands, then you must purchase a wrist watch that comes with a metal band.
  • Keep in mind the weight or size of the watch, whether it is light-weight or heavy. Buy it according to your boyfriend’s preferences.

Wristwatch Brands in India

  • Titan: Known for reliable and affordable watches
  • Fastrack: Renowned for trendy designs
  • Tissot: Famous for different designs and innovative watches
  • Tommy Hilfiger: Well-known for stylish watches
  • Omega: Wide range of luxury watches are available here
  • Casio: Famous for functional and affordable watches
  • Rolex: Well-known for trendy luxury watches
  • Tag Heuer: Renowned for sophisticated and classy watches

Useful Accessories for Wristwatch

  • Watch Box

If your boyfriend has a lot of watches, then you can gift him a watch box where he can hoard all his watches.

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  • Wrist watch repair kit

A wristwatch repair kit consists of all tools that are required in case you are required to repair your watch. It consists of a customized case band link remover, case unlock, stainless steel clamp, storage case, screwdriver, the watch case opener knife, and so on.

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  • Watch Band Strap

It is a type of bracelet that helps in strapping a wristwatch onto the wrist of your boyfriend. You can buy this for your boyfriend if his strap loop breaks before the main strap.

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  • Steel Band Bracelet

This a must-have watch accessory. This watch strap is made up of stainless steel and is sure to make a style statement whenever he heads out.

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So, what are you waiting for? Go and purchase a fashionable wristwatch as a gift for your boyfriend!

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