A Guide To Taking Perfect Saree Blouse Measurements During Online Shopping

Saree Blouse Measurements During Online Shopping

Shopping online has become one of the most interesting things to do nowadays. You get thousands of options regarding color choices, designs, patterns and embroidery from which you can choose your loved one in just a few seconds. Online shopping is always fun, but only when you know your correct size.

When you buy clothes online you should choose the right size so that you can get the right fitting and a delightful appeal. If you shop for a blouse online then right measurement is the most important factor.

A saree blouse is one of the major pieces of attire when you wear a saree, so it should be up to the mark.

You get readymade blouses wholesale online and can also get it stitched. Here is how you need to get it stitched online.

Whenever you wear a saree the first thing everyone notices is the blouse. Does it match the saree?

Does it perfectly fit your body and does it have the right patterns and sleeves, everything is noticed well. Therefore always pick your blouse wisely.

Guide to Take Perfect Saree Blouse Measurement During Online Shopping

Giving measurement while online shopping means you are getting it stitched from the online service provider.

This needs some effort from your side. Provide the right measurements so that you can get the blouse stitched perfectly.

Pick a Blouse that Fits you Well

First you need to find a blouse that fits you well from arms to shoulders and also perfect at the bust too.

Go through your wardrobe and pick one that will give you the appropriate fit. It is extremely important that you send the right dimensions and measurements. Let’s start with how to guide the blouse.

Blouse Length

Start with the length of the blouse. The length is to be measured from shoulders to the lower bust that is the end of the blouse.

Keep the measuring tape straight or else your calculation in the starting only will go wrong.

So the method is to take the tape and keep it in a straight line from the start of the blouse till the end of the blouse and note the measurements. 

Blouse Width

Once you are done with the length of the blouse, next you need to go with the width of the blouse. Keep the width a bit loose so that you can adjust it whenever required.

If you keep it fit then you can’t adjust the width anyway in future. So keeping it loose is a good idea.

You can wear the blouse once that you are using to measure and check the fitting so that you can get an idea regarding the fit. Then mark the fitting accordingly.

The Armhole

After knowing the length, take the measurement of your armhole. The armhole starts just after the shoulder.

You will see the stitch on the blouse there, or else you can identify it as the starting of your sleeves. Your armhole is where your sleeves start.

To measure the armhole you need to keep your measuring tape a bit bent. The armhole is curved so you will need to measure it by keeping it curved.

Hold the tape tightly from both the ends and mark the right measurements.

Sleeves Length

The sleeves must also be of the right length. You can also take any other blouse to measure the sleeves

if you want it in any other style. Keep the tape at the start of the sleeves and go to the end by keeping the tape perfectly straight.

You can increase or decrease the length as per your wish but then you need to take care of the width at the end of the sleeves. If you want any other stylish sleeves then you need to measure it accordingly.

Sleeves Width

After finalising the length of the sleeves you also need to measure the right width. The sleeves length may be short, till the elbow or long till the wrist for which you need to measure the width right.

For short sleeves width may be more and as you go down it will start decreasing.

If you are going for something stylish then you will need some different measurements. If you go for those loose bell sleeves or ruffle sleeves then you won’t need to put much effort.


Along with the sleeves you will also need to look for the shoulder. It would be from the top of the shoulder where the stitch starts till the neckline.

You need to be very sure with your measurements or else whenever you will wear the blouse the shoulder will fall off if it is not proper.

Check twice before you note the shoulder length. Be right with your shoulders as it will give you the blouse a right look and right fit.


Next comes the bust which starts below the arms and is commonly known as the chest. You need to measure the chest correctly as it is of great importance.

If your chest is not proper then the blouse will also not look proper so make a straight loop around the chest and measure it properly.

You can divide the measurement into two parts where you have an upper bust and lower bust. If we talk about the lower bust then it is the end of the blouse where even the fitting ends.

Front Neck

At last you need to measure the neck. This also depends on your choice. If you want a deep neck then the measurement will be more and for closed or high neck it will be less.

Usually the front neck is small so you don’t need to keep it very deep.

Go with the length and then check the width. If you have a broad neck then the width will be more as compared to a narrow neck.

Back Neck

Love backless blouses? It’s all up to you. If you want a closed back neck or a deep neck then you would require some measurements. So the thing is to keep the tape straight and measure the neck.

Note the measurements and dimensions and you are done. Once you measure the back neck your blouse measurement is all complete!

So do this and provide the information to the online service provider so that you can get the right blouse.

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