Top 20 New Easy Hairstyle Which you can use at Every Occasion in 2020

New Easy Hairstyle Which you can use at Every Occasion in 2020

Different and Easy Ways to Step Up Your Hair Game

If you’re looking to do something different with your hair, getting a haircut should be the furthest thing from your mind right now, with restrictions to go to a salon and what not. However, there are ways in which you can fix your hair up for online video conferences without running the scissors through it. There are a range of hairstyling techniques that do not require you to leave your house and do not demand the use of gels or styling products.

There are broadly two types of hair – thick and fine. Your hair could also be something in the middle of the two extremes, which is wavy hair that gives you lots of volume and the occasional curls to work with. There are specific tricks you can apply to maneuver these types to suit the look you are trying to achieve.

Top 20 Hairstyles of 2020

A ground to rule to having your hair behave the way you want is to apply a serum after washing your hair. The conditioner is absolutely essential to giving it that extra glamour, but if you want to do things with your hair afterwards, use a serum when your hair is damp. A serum also makes your hair glossy and attractive.

  1. Top-knot Hairstyle

Type of Hair

You can get the best of a topknot as long as your hair is up to your shoulders or more in length. Any type of hair can make a topknot look savvy.

How much time you need

Never more than 3 minutes.

Accessories you need to make Top-knot Hairstyle

A hair needle, a clutch, or a hair elastic are required to make a topknot. If you have short hair but are aiming for a topknot, use a hair net to stuff your hair into.

When and where Top-knot Hairstyle suits

A work meeting or a formal dinner are the right occasions to don this sophisticated look.

The two things you need to achieve the perfect topknot are hair elastic and bobby pins. The hair pins keep buns and even ponytails perky and uptight.

The key to making a sleek topknot is to begin by adding some texture to the hair. Hair spray usually serves this purpose. You have to distribute the spray throughout your hair by giving it a good brush, after which you have to collect every strand and make a ponytail.

To make a messy ponytail, start off with the high ponytail and divide it into parts and then wrap each section in opposite directions.

The perfect sleek topknot can also be secured in frizzy or curly hair by securing strands with a couple of extra bobby pins here and there, giving you a lazy-but-busy look.

2. Perky Ponytail Hairstyle

Type of Hair

Any type of hair is suitable.

How much time you need to make Perky Ponytail

1-2 minutes

Accessories you need to make

A fluffy scrunchie would really flatter a ponytail.

When and where

Anywhere from a date to university classes.

To make  perky ponytail, you have to tie you hair into a ponytail with a scrunchie or hair elastic and secure it with a couple of bobby pins. It keeps the ponytail upright and gives you a smart look.

3. Beach Wave Hairstyle

Type of Hair

Whether your hair is fine or curly or wavy or coarse, you can get beach waves.

How much time you need to make Beach Wave

A day or a few hours, depending on what type of beach waves you are going for.

Accessories need to make Beach Wave

A colorful headband would best suit beach waves.

Beach waves can be made in a number of ways – you can use a curling iron, a texturizer, or braid your hair. Whether you’re using a curling iron or a flat iron, it’s imperative to use a heat protectant or a spray.

To use a flat iron for curls, mist your hair with a spray, grab a bunch of strands with the iron twist your hair around it perpendicularly and pull it down. Finish with a hairspray and mess your hair around a bit to make it look natural!

You can also get beach waves by making overnight braids. As the name suggests, braid your hair in sections before going to bed. Wake up, untangle the braids, ad you’re good to go.

4. Twisted Ponytail Hairstyle

Type of Hair

A twisted ponytail is best applicable if you have long, fine hair, but it works with wavy and coarse hair too, as long as it’s of the correct length.

How much time you need to make Twisted Ponytail

It takes 2 minutes to make a twisted ponytail.

Accessories you need to make Twisted Ponytail

Decorated hair clips give a twisted ponytail a sophisticated touch.

When and where Twisted ponytail suits

A twisted ponytail is the ultimate casual look. You can wear it to work, but also to the departmental store.

To make the twist, tie a low ponytail, and make a knot right over the hair elastic.

5. Double-twist Ponytail Hairstyle

Similar to the twisted ponytail, pull your hair into a half updo and secure the ponytail with a hair elastic. Now make a hole right above it and flip the half-ponytail through the hole.

Then tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail. Combine both the ponytails into one with a hair elastic at the nape of your neck. Now make another hole above the elastic of the first ponytail and slip the combined ponytail through that as well.

Type of Hair

This hairstyle is easiest to don when you have smooth hair, as curls or frizz can be difficult to manipulate.

How much time you need to make Double-twist Ponytail Hairstyle

5-10 minutes to get it perfect.

Accessories you need to make Double-Twist Hairstyle

This hairstyle looks best without any adornments.

When and where Twist hairstyle suits

It’s good for your Instagram, and also for sleepovers.

6. Messy Pixie Hairstyle

A messy pixie, as the name suggests, is a pixie cut messed up to give help you achieve careless beauty.

Type of Hair

A messy pixie is easier to achieve when you have fine or wavy hair. A pixie cut with waves is a natural messy pixie.

Accessories need to make Messy Pixie

Hair clips are a good  way to accessorize a messy pixie.

When and where Messy Pixie hairstyle suits

You can do this anywhere from a Sunday brunch to a night at the club.

7. The Side Swept Curls 

Type of Hair

Natural curls are best suited for this type of hairstyle. However, even waves or a bit of frizz or beach waves can facilitate this style perfectly well. Any length of hair is suited for this endeavor.

How much time you need

To sweep up your curls and fix them up in hair clips or pins, you’d need about 5-8 minutes.

Accessories you need to make Side Swept Curls

You need bobby pins or clips to part a section of your curls. Take a smaller section of your hair and sweep it to the side and fix it up.

When and where Side Swept Suits

Side-swept curls are especially attractive when worn with a leather jacket. Winter is the time for you to let your hair down and step out in your gorgeous tresses.

8. The Bobby Pin Style

Type of Hair

Straight or wavy hair

How much time you need for Bobby Pin Hairstyle

2 minutes at best.

Accessories you need for Bobby Pin Style

All you need is bobby pins.

When and where Bobby pin Suits

A great party get-up, but also something you can wear at a family reunion.

9. The Half Up-Knot Hairstyle

Type of Hair

Curly, coarse or frizzy hair would work best.

How much time you need for Half Up-Knot

Less than 1 minute.

Accessories need to make Half UpKnot Style

Hair elastic

When and where Half UpKnot Suits

Any place casual.

10. The High Puff 

Type of Hair

Fine/straightened hair.

How much time you need to take High Puff

5 or less than 5 minutes.

Accessories for High Puff

Hair elastic

When and where High Puff Suits

This is the perfect hairstyle to done at a job meeting.

11. The Messy Textured Ponytail

Type of Hair

Different hair types would bring different textures to the table. To achieve the texture, a light hairspray would be necessary.

How much time you need for Messy Textured Ponytail

5 minutes.

Accessories need for Messy Textured Ponytail

A hair elastic would suffice.

When and where Messy Textured Ponytail Suits

This hairstyle would suit any venue and situation and give you a smart look.

12. The Low Pony for Short Hair

Type of Hair

Short hair upto your jaws

How much time you need for Low Pony

Less than a minute

Accessories need for Low Pony Style

You can put up colorful clips on the sides.

When and where Low Pony suits

A short jog or the gym begs for a hairstyle like this one.

13. The Scarf Style for Straight Hair

Type of Hair

Shoulder-length, straight or wavy hair.

How much time you need to make Scarf Style

Less than five minutes.

Accessories need for Scarf Style

A bright headband, available on any online shopping site.

When and where Scarf Style Suits

The perfect asset for a date.

14. The Scarf Style for Curly Hair

 Type of Hair

Natural curls of shoulder length

How much time you need

1-2 minutes


A bright headband.

When and where

  A date or a garden party

15. The Braided Ponytail

Type of Hair

Straight or wavy hair is preferred.

How much time you need for Braided Ponytail

5 minutes

Accessories need for Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

A hair elastic

When and where this Braided Ponytail Suits

Your permanent go-to.

16. Space Balls Style

Type of Hair

Any type of hair is conducive to these buns on either side of your head.

How much time you need to make space balls

Less than five minutes

Accessories need to make Space Balls

Two hair elastics are required.

When and where Space balls suits

This hairstyle instantly reminds us of the Japanese kimono, which would be a good match for this hairstyle. The right occasion would be a wedding, Japanese or not!

17. Multiple Braids for Short Hair

Type of Hair

The right type of hair for this is jaw-length fine or coarse hair.

How much time is needed to make Multiple Braids

You need about 15 to 20 mins to get this right.

Accessories for Multiple Braid Hairstyle

Tiny hair elastics paired with small beads can help you pull off this statement.

When and where Mutiple Braids Suits

Appropriate for the disco or a dance night.

18. The Low Bun Hairstyle

Type of Hair

The low bun, as the name suggests, is a sleek low knot right above the nape of your neck. It’s neat, and it’s just right if you have shoulder-length, smooth hair. Apply a bit of hairspray to get the strands in place.

How much time needed to take Low Bun

Around 5 minutes.

Accessories for Low Bun

A low bun can stand out on its own. All you need is a hair elastic or a clutch.

When and where Low Bun Suits

A smart work look, this would suit the woman in suits.

19. Straight Hairstyle

Type of Hair

Any length of hair can pull off straightening. If you have just enough length to tie a ponytail, you can straighten your whole head of hair and don a sleek, neat look. If you have hair up to your shoulders or beyond, you can keep the end untouched by the flat iron so that your hair tumbles down in waves. A natural Disney-princess look.

How much time you need for Straight Hairstyle

Depends on your length of hair. However, it shouldn’t take more than an hour.

If you have a head of waves or curls and you’re looking for a slick touch, straighten your hair with flat irons. Hair straighteners are easily available and work best on dry hair. Hair is usually straightened within 300 to 380 degrees, but if you have thin, sensitive hair, you’d be doing yourself a favor by keeping the temperature within 300 degrees.

It’s a matter of taking your time but also ensuring that you’re not pressing the iron against your strands for too long, as it runs the risk of burning up. The trick is to grab a bunch of strands and with the iron and work through it.

You can tie up the top of your hair once done to reach the layers beneath if you struggle with volume. With a little patience, a straightener will keep give you the straight do for four to five days at a time. Use a spray at the end to make it last.

Accessories need to do Straight Hair

Straight hair has the unique advantage of looking great without any accessories. However, you can use a clutch to pull up strands to the back of your head. You can make a messy bun by gathering all your hair into a clutch as well.

You can use a scrunchie to put your hair up in a ponytail. You can use a hair needle to twist your hair into a topknot and hold it together by running the needle through it, though a hair elastic to secure the style would make it better.

When and where Staright Hairstyle Suits

Straight hair looks flattering at almost all occasions from a business meeting to the beach. That’s the magic of short hair. If you’re a woman in a kimono or if you’re hitting a gathering of old friends in a saree, straight hair is your go-to.

20. Curls

Type of Hair

Curls are easier to achieve when you have relatively finer hair. Fine hair is manageable and easy to coax into a hairstyle you want.

The curling mechanism is quite similar to straightening, and it allows you to decide exactly how unruly your has to be, which is an advantage that natural curls do not have.

How much time you need to do Curl your Hairs

Curling takes the least time if you do it in sections. You have to hold each batch of strands for a maximum of 10 seconds.

Accessories to make Curls Hairstyle

Curls are conducive to a wide range of accessories. A hip way to show off your curls is pinning up your hair into a topknot with a hair needle. You can also wear a headband or stick a comb clip in your hair.

When and where Curls Suits

Curls are fit for any occasion, but if you’re planning to go out for drinks or a casual dinner, this chic casual look would suit you perfectly.

An iron curling rod is required with a one and a half centimeters barrel, with an adjustable temperature setting. You’re likely to achieve the best results if you use a spray or a thermal protector.

Curl your strands around the rod and keep it that way for 5 seconds and go on to mist the next strand. Amp up the temperature to High only if you want coarse hair; but remember to mist your hair completely once before you begin.

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