The Ultimate Men’s Summer Style Guide

Men's Summer Style Guide

We can now glance forward to all the sunlight, cocktail garden, & outside experiences that summer time is approaching. However, only because our clothes strip away in the humid heat of the summertime doesn’t mean men can’t appear attractive while staying cool. As more people are moving outdoors and have bbq’s, the material of our apparel becomes more crucial in modern men’s spring/summer attire.

Pull up your sleeves, grab a beer, and have a glance at our men’s spring/summer reference to stay stylish without creating a sweat!

A solid thumb rule for summertime clothing is to choose natural organic materials rather than synthetic fabrics for shirt material. Synthetics tend to absorb the moisture instead of releasing it quickly, limiting apparel breath ability and perspiration dispersal. The weaving, texture, and cut of the material are all important factors, with thinner, lighter textiles permitting heat to pass. Even though cotton rules are dominant in almost every aspect of men’s summer time fashion, we’ve identified some on-trend outfits that will help you update your new wardrobe this summer season.

Chambray Shirt

A chambray shirt, a light breathable plain-weave material, is a must-have in any man’s summertime shirting armoury. Chambray shirts, while aesthetically comparable to denim, maintain the airy and water absorbing features of lightweight materials, making them excellent for springtime and early summer. Chambray is available in a variety of shades, but it is usually interwoven with a light strand to provide it with a pastel shine. For men’s summertime style, adhere to bluish (the classic), ivory, or pale red.

Linen Shirt

Linen shirts, with their easygoing style and elegance, are a summertime must-have. Linen is made from flaxseed natural fibres and is robust, absorbing, and quick-drying, making it ideal for summertime. Although, linen creases far more easily than thicker materials, this is to be anticipated and aids in the creation of more informal and comfy men’s summer season clothing. Because linen is so airy, we suggest long-sleeve button-downs over short-sleeved button-downs. Choose shirts in green, grey, off-white, white, and bluish-grey.

Seersucker Shirt

Seersucker, crinkled cotton that hangs away from the body, is a material that is synonymous with summertime. The material’s ripples assist the body to stay cooler, this is why it’s so common in high humidity. “Railway stripes” are a fine design of lines entwined in the material, even though seersucker is as well accessible in solids and fascinating patterns. Seersucker is more on the semi-formal end of men’s summertime attire, so make sure it’ll work in your closet.

Short-Sleeve Henley

Although long-sleeved henleys are a must-have for any autumn and winter collection, a short-sleeve henley may spice up the usual t-shirt rotation. Henleys take the majority of its styling cues from a standard tee, yet incorporate 3-4 buttons for added personality.

The ideal summertime pant combines fitting and material to create a trouser that evaporates heat without restricting movement. Summertime trends for men in 2021 encourage loose-fitting soft cotton or linen pants, with sleeker fits and sturdier materials taking a backseat. Even as the temperature rises, some pairs of weather-friendly pants are essential for evenings out in the city and cooler days.

Chino Pants

The chino pant can fill the role of denim as a go pair of trousers for almost all events. Chinos, which are frequently created with a woven fabric, are a trendy choice for a neutral style. Don them with the harness straps frayed a few times in a looser fitting way (specific skinny fits, basic fit). Although khaki and blue are the go-to colours, don’t be afraid to experiment with more vibrant hues. Off-white chinos work great from day to evening in the summertime.

Linen Pants

Recall how cool white linen shirts are in men’s summer time attire? It’s much more true when it comes to trousers. Whenever it refers to unfettered comfort, luxury and timeless style, linen pants in loose, roomier cuts are surely a game-changer. Because linen is prone to wrinkles, choose a set of linen pants that are combined with cotton.

Lightweight Jeans

Even though the temperature is becoming hotter, several men aren’t ready to give up their favourite model of Levi’s, so we’re in the exact boat. Summer time weight denim is made possible by lighter denim components and lighter treatments, which keep you appearing fresh without sweating. Save all the dark denim for the winter months, especially with the softer colour scheme of summer time style for guys. Thicker jean sleeves are ideal for men’s summer time look in 2021, especially combined with simple white sneakers or chunky shoes.


Shorts may be a contentious topic, with certain males swearing by the sky’s-out-thighs-out mindset while others have sufficient cargo pouches to outfit an army. Strive for a happy medium in between short and too lengthy whenever it comes to men’s summertime shorts. Because every man is formed uniquely, there is no magical figure for waist size length. As a general guideline, your shorts should come to a point slightly above your knees. There must be just a few inches of space between both the short cloth and your thigh.

Cotton Shorts

The chino shorts are a vital piece of almost every man’s summer wardrobe, keeping him comfortable and stylish. Cotton shorts are often known as chino shorts among some labels, however, there is no correlation or purpose for this except a desire for a minimalist form. Olive, green, blue, and charcoal are more adaptable shades that can be worn with a variety of gingham shirts and shoes.

Jean Shorts

Denim shorts do have a place in men’s fashion, despite being an occasional treat. Jean shorts offer the convenience of jeans without the length, making it the ideal choice for a man who wants to add a little grit to his image. Mid or moderate wash denim shorts, like normal denim, actually look good with summer’s palette.

Sweat Shorts

Nothing matches a comfy lighter-weight style of sweat shorts for beating the hot weather. Sweat shorts are the cut younger brother of classic sweatpants, yet they’re beyond being outdated. A very well set of sweat shorts makes you comfortable without compromising trend and quality, whether you’re relaxing all-around home or conducting errands.

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